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Monday, September 12, 2011


A poem I wrote about one of the most amoral people I've ever met.



Look at him from one angle; he seems bigger.
From another his cleverness glitters like cut crystal.
One face shows righteous outrage at ill-treatment;
Then with no trace of irony another face boasts, laughing, about how
He hoodwinked someone foolish enough to trust him.

Anger in him sizzles like an electric arc.
Look once, twice; it's gone. Nothing but charm remains.
He hands you a black and bitter drink, eyes dark with hatred;
A moment later, the eyes fill with innocent bewilderment when you refuse to swallow it.
His words soothe, stroke; misdirect; wound.
He speaks sharp-edged contempt
Through a polished smile.

Hold a mirror up to him;
One image. But a different one
For every person he meets
And a different one each time you meet him.

He slips, he slides, he dances, he weaves and dodges;
No trap can hold him. Pin him down, he oozes away,
Turns, and smiles at you, eyes flashing triumph;
Unassailable. You cannot win, and he knows it.


  1. I was hooked by the title, but stayed for the lines. I like it. It's either Dracula or Dick Cheney, right? haha. But, seriously, I dig it.

  2. I followed your post from Twitter, because I was sure we must know the same person. After reading it, I am quite sure of it. Surely, there couldn't be a whole bunch of these...what I call Chameleons.

  3. I've never understood what can make a person like this. He was truly one of the scariest people I've ever known.

  4. Very cool poem.

    I've known many that fit this... how sad is that?

  5. Stunning imagery and wording. I thoroughly enjoy your writing style and am now a fan. I can't wait to browse a little more.

  6. While I am willing to bet a dollar there are millions of people who think they know the person mentioned, there is only one person who could have written this poem and drew in the millions.


    I think this is a wonderful work of art. Thank you for the tweet that lead me here.

  7. Wow... thanks so much! Your comment made my day.