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Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Signal to Noise" - six days till release!

What if you knew the truth, but no one believed you?

What if you hardly believed it yourself?

This is the predicament that biologist Tyler Vaughan finds himself in when people start vanishing from the little town of Crooked Creek, Oregon.  In the course of his research, Tyler has inadvertently captured on one of his thermal-imaging remote cameras a photograph of a creature known as Slender Man -- a faceless humanoid with long, thin arms and legs, whose presence is always associated with abductions, especially of children.

The problem is, who will believe him?  The Crooked Creek Chief of Police Dale Blodgett (short for "Wensleydale" -- his parents were fans of Wallace & Gromit) certainly has no reason to, especially when the missing people return, apparently unscathed, and claiming to have no memory of what happened during their absence.  Chief of Police Blodgett figures that if they're home, safe and sound, there's no reason to investigate further.

Tyler has one person in his corner, however -- flower child and organic herbal tea maker Rainey Carrington, who realizes that the abducted children may not have returned as safe and sound as they seem to be.  Plus, she's got a serious crush on Tyler.  Together, can they put together the pieces of what's happening in Crooked Creek, and stop it... before one of them disappears, too?

Signal to Noise will be available for purchase from Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook) for $3.99, on Saturday, October 15. 

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