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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A happy update

To all of you who have been following the frustrating saga of my difficulties with formatting, I'm happy to report that due to a late-night breakthrough by my lovely wife, I've now been able to get past the file conversion hell I've been in for the past ten days.  All of my e-books are now formatted, uploaded, and available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The whole thing, though, still has me shaking my head a little, because I still don't fully understand (1) what went wrong, nor (2) why what we did yesterday fixed it.  Being a scientist by training, and a rationalist by inclination, I always want to see not only that things work, but why they work -- and here, I really don't have any clue.  All of this just proves to me, once again, that technology is a little beyond me.

Oh, well.  As long as I'm back in the game, I really can't see myself fretting about it.  But for those of you who were waiting to get one of my books on the Kindle you got for Christmas -- they're ready for your enjoyment!

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