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Thursday, August 24, 2017

New release... Sights, Signs, & Shadows!

Hi y'all... if you've enjoyed my tales of the paranormal, which have featured specters that abduct children (Signal to Noise), mechanical devices that focus psychic energy (Gears), and a man trapped in an interlocking set of alternative worlds where one misstep could mean death (Sephirot), you'll want a look at my new collection of short stories that spin more webs of magic, terror and the macabre!

Take a guided tour through the paranormal with sixteen tales of horror, humor, and the supernatural...

You’ll meet a man who’ll tell you your future if you give him a gift; pay a life-altering visit to a haunted ruin in the Central American jungle; have your photograph taken by a camera that steals time; peer into the cell of a prisoner in solitary confinement who may not be as alone as he thinks; and share the growing fear of a group of people trapped in an apartment complex during a category-5 hurricane as they realize that the storm itself might be the least of their worries.  In each story, you’ll get to know characters who are about to have their worldview turned upside down, and who are forced to navigate a landscape different than anything they ever imagined.

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